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Data available: Global business tax rates

New Euromonitor data is now available on Passport: globally cross-comparable Business Taxes

The following categories of data are now available:

Number of Tax Payments
Time Spent to Pay Taxes
Total Tax Rate:
Labour Tax and Contributions Rate
Profit Tax Rate
Other Tax Rates


From the Category Tree select

-Business Environment

-Ease of doing business ranking


-Paying Taxes


Total Tax Rate

Passport provides access to internationally comparable statistics and data as well as full-text market reports and insightful comment from expert industry and country analysts.

Passport can be accessed via Encore .

You will need your IT username and password to log in.


Marketline Country Statistics

I have blogged previously about accessing economic data through the Library’s subscription to Global Market Information Database (GMID). You now have another option for quick access to economic data, this time from Marketline’s Country Statistics database.

This is a part of the Marketline subscription that is often missed, because it is not accessible from the main search or browse functions. Instead, you need to access the separate Country Statistics product through the database menu.

Marketline Country Statistics

If you’ve used GMID for economic data before then the process for making a request will be familiar to you. First select the country or countries you are interested in, then the economic indicators. For most indicators you will have a choice of the absolute value or % growth. Finally you can choose to view the results as a table, which can be downloaded to Excel, or analyse the results and create various charts from the data.

Marketline Country Statistics Request

Warwick staff and students can access Marketline from Encore.

Guardian Data Store

The Guardian’s DataStore is an example of data journalism, where stories are generated from data available on a particular topic. Now that there is a move towards open data with governments and institutions opening up their statistics the scope for this form of journalism is growing. The Guardian presents the data they are collecting in a variety of formats, from interactive charts and blog posts to spreadsheets. All can be accessed from the DataStore’s hompage. For example, this interactive guide to government spending:

Government Spending

One great feature of the DataStore is the ability to search government data for countries, cities and states around the world via the Global Development gateway. This data is collected from sources such as the IMF, World Bank and United Nations.

You can also view a list of all of the Guardian’s data blog posts and spreadsheets in one table. This is really useful to see the range of topics covered.

UN commodities data in COMTRADE

There seem to be problems in retrieving commodities data from UN COMTRADE through ESDS (Economic and Social Data Service). However, if you go directly to the website it is working correctly. if you have not used this database before, it is worth a look!

Update (23/01/12): The link to COMTRADE from ESDS is now working again!

Corruption and political risk indices

You will find comparative data on corruption in Business Source Premier, if you search for the terms “corruption index” and select the Country reports option – the data goes back about 10 years and is provided by a US company, CountryWatch Inc. There is also an independent free website provided by Transparency International, which compiles a Corruption Perceptions Index, also going back about 10 years.

Incidentally, Business Source Premier also provides data from the Political Risk Index, which is compiled by PRS. This includes comparative international information on the risk of terrorist attack.

Helen Riley, Economics Librarian

OECD publications – don’t miss out!

Did you know that many OECD publications are available at Warwick via OECD i-Library?  You may not find catalogue records for one-off reports, but we often have access. Never feel tempted to “Add to basket”!  You can access OECD i-Library from the Library Catalogue.

Incidentally, you will find catalogue records for OECD serials and annual publications, with links to the database. If in doubt, contact Helen Riley or Emma Cragg for advice.

Zanran Numerical Data Search

zanranZanran is a new search engine which enables you to find freely available data and statistics presented as graphs, charts or tables. Unlike Google and other leading search engines it searches for this formatted numerical data within documents.

A really nice feature of the site is the results preview. This can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the document icon in the results list.

One thing to watch out for is that in the results list only the top-level domain of the source is given. Ideally you would be looking for the full URL of the document in order to be able to locate it later and reference it correctly. The site is in beta so hopefully this feedback will be taken and included in any further updates to the site.

To get an idea of the kinds of searches you can run on zanran there is a page of examples, including:

  • oil consumption in brazil
  • infant mortality rate in europe
  • M4 money supply uk
  • GDP growth china