Innovation’s the Name of the Game

General Electric (GE) and designer Lisa Strausfeld have created a unique data visualisation, Innovation’s the Name of the Game, which allows you to compare how business executives rank their countries on innovation drivers and outcomes against that country’s actual market figures.

For example, looking at a comparison of China’s actual rank on innovation drivers versus the perceptions of their business executives we can see that the executives typically overestimate their rank:

China's real vs perceived rank for innovation drivers

The data for the perceived rank comes from a survey of over 1000 business executives conducted by GE in January 2011. The actual data comes from sources such as the World Bank, UNESCO, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Statistics Division.

One thing to be aware of when you are using this visualisation is that although the survey data for the perceived rankings is from this year, the dates of the real figures vary. Many of the innovation drivers also have real data from 2011 but the innovation outcomes data is more often than not from 2009 or earlier.


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